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What you believe Manifests Reality

A higher conciousness is taught and learnedThe most important decisions you can make have to do with what you teach your children.

Even at the youngest age, and even if you die young, nothing is more important in your life than what it is that you teach your children.

A child is a clean slate, with so much potential, and so impressionable.  They depend on you, learn everything from you, by watching you, by mimiking you, by reacting to you and the environement you provide to them.  This is the basis of the decisions that they make later in life, and for everything that results from those decisions.

There is no more sacred and long lasting task than to do well as a parent.  There is no experience that will challenge you more, make you learn more, or shape you more than parenthood.

Too many parents take this too lightly.  Your mistakes will haunt you, and them, for a lifetime; just as your triumphs in this area will reward you, and them, with joy and triumph, for a lifetime.

What you do as a parent, will change their lives, and your life, for eternity; and will also affect the rest of us who live in this world, for an eternity.

When you love them, you create love.  When you dicipline them, you create strength and character.  When you teach them to understand things, you enlighten them; and the information you share becomes conviction in you.

If you dissengage from your children, disrepect them, take advantage of them, or ignore them, you also do it to yourself, and to all of us. This is where what is called sin comes from. These mistakes carry on the seventh generation and beyond.

Being a young child is much like being in a beautiful Garden, where everything is provided.  Children are clean, they know no sin, they know no nakedness, they know no remorse, and they have no fear.  But if they never were exposed to these things, they would never grow, remaining, basicly, an intelligent monkey, an animal.

As they grow older, and they become more aware of their surroundings, they gain knowledge that they need to exist in an imperfect world; they are forced to deal with unpleasanteness, and can no longer be protected.

They develope a will of their own, they challenge everything; and they learn lessons that both make them stronger, and also are very painful.

Even this process is part of a very special plan, to make them grow, and become more of a human.  It is no accident that things work the way that they do.  It is what makes us, us.  We are all connected in a very special way.

Everything that we do affects all of us.

Agape love comes from the realization that we are all one, and that nomater how big or small, how good,  or how mistaken we are, we are all part of one whole human race. Teach your children well.

And the LORD God planted a garden eastward, in Eden; and there he put the man whom he had formed.

What you believe Manifests Reality

Success Manifesto  The Interactive Relationship Between Cause and Effect – by Israeli Rothman