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Success Manifesto

The Interactive Relationship Between Cause and Effect

by Israeli Rothman


To be human is a blessing - not an accident 541-982-9291Circumstances happen.  We do not choose our own name, our genetics, our nationality, our physical attributes, or our religion, in our beginning.  We have no power over where and when we are born, nor who our parents are.

However, from that point on, the lives that we live, are our own.  Everything that we think, feel, and do is a creation; a manifestation, you might say, of our own free will.

Regardless of what circumstances you find yourself in at the moment, you have power way beyond what you are aware of to affect change, if you decide to do so; and no matter who or what you are, somebody who started with much less has accomplished more, with less hesitation, and in less time.

Success in anything, in life itself, is driven, is accomplished, is doable with awareness and realization of these truths, which we all recognize, because they are written into our DNA, because we are humans.

As for myself, I will now write this book, because I can, and I will.

Table of contents here:

  1.  Belief – the sum and total of all human power on Earth
  2. What you believe Manifests Reality
  3. Power comes from Faith and Confidence
  4.  Social Media Journalism | Ability to Influence Millions With Your Mind
  5. Social Media Trumps Main Stream Media – Brave New World
  6. Social Media vs Main Stream Media | The Difference
  7. 10 Ways to Become a Local Source | Entrepreneurs Guide | Local Homesteading
  8. Sustainable Communities | New Local Tribes
  9. 2017 Manager-Managed LLC | REIT Regulation D Private Placement | 7 Steps
  10. 2017 | 10 Predictions | Revolution Resolutions
  11. How Localism can Save US | New Normal | New Culture
  12. 2017 Clean Machine | 10 Not PC Resolutions 4 Better Living
  13.  Cord-Cutting | Minimalist Movement | Need Less | Live Better
  14. 2017 | Transparency | MSM and NWO Corruption Exposed
  15. 101 | Defining Infinite Potential 2 a Finite Mind | BBA in Life
  16. Business from Home | Even those with jobs should start one 4 Tax Advantages

Success Manifesto  The Interactive Relationship Between Cause and Effect – by Israeli Rothman

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