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Social Media Trumps Main Stream Media – Brave New World

Orwell had it exactly backwards: social media is about the citizenry watching Government and Industry.

In the 2016 Election of Donald Trump, MSM did all they could to keep Trump out, and failed, largely due to social media and the truth being lit up with US talking to each other.

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If not for God, Wikileaks, Social Media, Donald Trump, and millions of us intervening, Hillary Clinton would have been the last president of the US; the Oligarchs would have won, and destroyed our America, to create a New World Order where everything is controlled by the elite.

The second American revolution is one of Free Speech and Social Media

I bear witness that Social Media is the proverbial “Book of Life“, the “thief in the night” whereby God himself has intervened, as always, at the last moment, to save US from our own sin.

With blurred lines between Government, Media, Education, and Law enforcement, and the gradual dumbing-down of the people, beginning with Carter’s ED (Department of Education created in 1979); the Oligarchs and Royals, who believe that they own and control the world, were about to put the final steps in place to completely take over our world, and destroy the USA in favor of Tyranny.

But all that is turning around, because of free speech, and social media.  It happened faster than they expected, so that even massive apathy and voter fraud could not steel the 2016 election from one man with the guts to fight, backed by millions of informed Americans and others all over the world who woke up just in time to save our society from complete domination.

I have been writing and talking about this huge change of power and the possibility for a true meritocracy or free speech enabled by social media for many years, as you, all 22 Million of you who have been following my essays, already know.  The time has finally arrived.

Enter Twitter as a news and chat platform, and now a Twitter application that is created for free speech and news online.

I did not use twitter much for years, being 62 years old, I still only use it from my laptop/desktop. During this election cycle it had become the best place to stay up on real-time news, from all sources, filtered by US, the users, so that only the cream rises to the top, and lies are called out for what they are.

The result is that the corrupt corporate media can no longer control the narrative. They were already trying to edit even the social media trends, enter

I have never recommended apps to you in this way, but I am now recommending that you Join Gab, and participate and learn about free speech and social media as a way to control the media and spread not only the news, but also the truth.  You will need a twitter account, easy to setup in minutes, and to join here – the app is ‘blowing up’ amazing launch – I was told I would need to wait two weeks, but that turned into only one day, don’t be discouraged.

The day has finally arrived, a meritocracy online of free speech between we the people, has saved our world, IMO. You can follow me on gab here:

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Social Media Trumps Main Stream Media – Brave New World

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