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Power comes from Faith and Confidence

Life is a never-ending battle between you and you 541-982-9291Faith is not built from secure safety.

Instead, it is learned, and given, in times of need, and stress. There is no path to enlightenment which is all easy roses and blessings.  Only by being passed through the flame is metal tempered.  Only in true strength and a higher understanding can you acquire true power.

Enlightenment is the understanding and realization that all you need in this world is your health, and God.  With those two assets, anything else can be achieved.  But none of it will fulfill you, nothing will sustain you, nothing really matters if you do not have those two things:

  1.  Your health
  2. The knowledge that you are not alone in your struggles.

Freedom is not attachment to wealth or influence. Freedom is the fearless choices that you can make if you are not encumbered by anything that is of this world.  

Only by being set apart, and by completely conquering yourself,  can you achieve this peace; and that cannot happen easily, and it cannot be accomplished without imagination.  Please forgive me for not reinforcing the sweet lies that you are being fed by those who seek to comfort you only, or worse.  

The destination that I would choose for you is not so easy, it is very hard for most; however, when you reach this destination, you will not regret the journey, nor the dues that you must pay to get there. You will be filled with tears of joy daily, as I am, regardless of your circumstances.

You might say that I am a little crazy.  I would say to you that, sometimes, being a little bit crazy is a sane way to deal with insanely challenging circumstances.   What you think of me does not define me.  Instead, your judgement of me, and everything and everybody else, is a choice that you are making of what you choose to believe.

You deserve to be warned, though, so I will: the easy road will not lead to heaven. The only way to real enlightenment, if that is what you truly seek, is hard for all of us, no matter who we are; rich or poor.  

May God bless you on this journey.  I live to write these insights. The pleasure that it gives me is probably beyond your understanding, unless your journey has been hard, like mine 😉

“If God is for me, who shall stand against me?”

The Maccabees went into battle outnumbered 1000 to 1, and suffered no casualties.  They were fearless in the belief that God was with them, and that they could not loose, in a world that was controlled by fear.

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Power comes from Faith and Confidence


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