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How Localism Can Save US | New Normal | New Culture

Popping the leftist bubble:

To understand the fact that nearly half the population is depraved to the point that they actually believed Hillary Clinton would win in spite of the obvious corruption, and the degree that this was acceptable with them, you must first understand exactly who they are, and their depravity.

Once upon an American time, the children were raised to respect their elders, were punished when they got out of line, and were forced to learn about respect and dignity and character, the very things that make humans human.

We dressed down for gym, had to do physical exercise to pass Gym, which was required for everyone; and we participated in a daily pledge of allegiance, silent prayer, and other rituals which taught us good values.

When I was in second grade, in Livermore, California, I called out the school bully, who was twice my size, and who was getting away with whatever he wanted during recess.  The whole school, parents, kids, and teachers came out to watch after classes let out, they all knew, and were fine with it.

Nobody intervened during the very short fight.  Crying the whole time, and raving :

“You shouldn’t cheat, you need to be fair!”

I beat the hell out of that bully, a life changing moment for me and for him, as the whole school cheered me on.

The next day, with his face all black and blue, at his parents request, that boy came up to me and apologized, and we became best of friends after that, sticking up for other kids against bullying.

How we got so far away from reality

In the late seventies and 1980s, school Gym was removed from our schools in favor of large salaries and entitlements for the teachers.  Our “kinder, gentler society” started to remove competition from schools, offering participation rewards, protecting the weakest amongst us from the alpha males, and removing as much as possible the miserable experience of growing up, in favor of liberal approaches to sexuality, amongst other changes.

As our society became more and more tolerant of deviate sexual and religious preferences, drugs, sin, and corruption, the left sought to completely eliminate spirituality from our culture, in favor of secular humanism, masquerading as science.  As is always the case in affluent societies from the beginning of time, the “educated” elitists who were raised in an affluent bubble, sought to through the “baby out with the bathwater” and fundamentally change our society to favor the weak over the strong, and remove the difference between men and women completely, in an effort to level the playing field.

Why Socialism never works:

I read Marx, and it sounded great on paper.  But, because of the way I grew up, with common sense, I knew it was not realistic.

No government can work when the citizens are monkeys. Without the development of character, respect, pride in achievement, and strength from being tested and challenged, people are little more than intelligent monkeys; and if we never taught our children to be human, they would remain monkeys.

In my opinion, as women gained more and more power over protecting kids from being challenged in any way, physically, mentally, socially or otherwise; and alpha males in our society were completely neutered from being able to make any demands upon anybody, actually shunned as outdated dinosaurs in this new social experiment, our society weekended, and our children ceased to learn religion, respect, strength, and character, resulting is a disrespectful rabble who does not want to work, and rampant drug use also has caused deterioration in our youth.

As the population becomes more and more reliant on government and modern technology, a society evolves where everything is blamed on others, and nobody takes personal responsibility for anything.  This happens especially in large cities.

As people become less and less willing and able to work, jobs are exported to less affluent countries, and the disparagement between rich and poor becomes more and more pronounced, with our modern youth actually demanding that everything be handed to them by entitlement, not merit. This is why the next step is dictatorship.  There will always be corruption, and those who seek to benefit unfairly by taking advantage of others.  To ignore this truth, is the beginning of the destruction of society.

A society exists, after all, based on a belief system.  The stronger and more grounded in reality the belief system, the stronger the society.  Remove the belief system, and people become sheep, so busy doing and commuting and working and playing, that there is no time for reflection, prayer, and real introspection.  These things are taught, or not learned.  Government must be based on a belief system that is grounded in reality, not speculation by those who are so disconnected as to not accept reality.  This is why affluent “democracies” fail eventually, as they become more affluent, and the leaders become more detached from reality, and more and more corrupt.

Mouse Utopia

The ethologist John B. Calhoun coined the term “behavioral sink” to describe the collapse in behavior which resulted from overcrowding. Over a number of years, Calhoun conducted over-population experiments on Norway rats (in 1958–1962) and mice (in 1968–1972). … to be in “rat utopia” or “mouse paradise,” another psychologist explained.

Some takeaways are:

  • Mice (and also humans) need to be challenged, to forage
  • Mice (and also humans) need some space to themselves, time alone…

The point is that even mice (and humans also)  are subject to certain constants, written into their genetics.  Even an abundant and gentle environment which does not take these constants into consideration is doomed to fail.

Food, Water and Shelter

Our basic needs are not really complicated.  We need clean food, good water, and a safe environment  (shelter) in which to live.  An animal which can live, eat, reproduce, then die is a happy animal.

But as humans, we are unique in that we want always more; we can think independently and we actually need to create, to dream, and to grow.

Each generation challenges the one that preceded them, retesting everything to make sure that it still applies; there is a wisdom to the way that we are made, the fact that we die, and way that our children try to re-invent it all every generation.

But herein is also the rub, because some things to not change, and we cannot progress if we have to constantly re-learn what humans have already known for thousands of years.

This is where a belief system that is taught to the children becomes critical: the children must be taught to respect discipline and authority, as they grow into adults who understand these things, and they slowly out-grow and learn to control the most basic animal tendencies that come with living in a  physical body.  Thus, ten commandments delivered directly to Moses are mandates that make sense:

ten-commandments are necessary

  1. Allegiance to one master is critical. If we do not know who we are, what we are, and cannot agree, chaos rules.
  2. Respect.  We teach our children respect by example.  If we have no respect, they will not either; respect is learned, and it is an exercise in free will.
  3.  Ritual.  By exercising the observance of the Sabbath, we never get lost in activities to distraction from the things that really matter.  Thought, reverence, and renewal are healthy habits for humans.  We are doers, but we must also be thinkers, dreamers, humans.
  4. Honor.  Since our kids are going to challenge us, it is criticle that they understand who is in charge, just as we understand who is in charge, so that we can function as a unit in times of crisis. With no honor, there is no family, no chain of command, no society.
  5.  Respect for life.  We must eat, we must survive, we must expire eventually.  But killing, without purpose or reverence for life, is destructive and wrong.  Even the animals do not kill without reason or purpose as a rule.
  6. Fidelity.  We are not told not to have sex, not to love, not to covet that which we desire.  But adultery is the breaking of a covenant, a bond that is sacred.  We all know that it is not right, we can feel it, it even feels wrong to anyone but a sociopath.
  7. Theft is destructive to any society.  If there is no incentive to work, because the fruits of your labor will be stolen, there is no society, no progress.
  8. Lying creates chaos and confusion. If there is chaos and confusion, society deteriorates.  The truth is powerful, while a lie is destructive.
  9. Again, wanting what is not yours, what you cannot have, is destructive.  We must honor loyalty and fidelity to have society at all.  If we don’t, we cannot co-exist peacefully.
  10. Again, do not want what you do not have.  It’s simple really: envy is destructive, happiness is a state of attitude and of mind.  When your attention is on what others have, you are not producing for yourself and for others.

Belief Structure

Regardless of who or what you believe, it is obvious that the source of these mandates understood that they are necessary building blocks of any society in order for progress and abundance to occur.  If we can agree to adhere to the mandates of these Ten Commandments, which obviously came from somewhere, we can live well, as evidenced by the fact that Judaeo-Christianity is clearly responsible for most of our progress with human society historically, as imperfect as we obviously have been in following these mandates.

So, to the reader here, the problems, and why they exist, may come into a clear perspective.  Now lets examine the possible solutions in light of these revelations.  There are many.

But first I will ask you to consider a premise proposed by me here; that we can never go back.   The past will always be the past.  Therefore, we cannot go back, only forward.

I believe that, like our children, we are here for a purpose: to learn, to grow, to become strong and wise, to get it right.

In fact, I believe, as do many, that we are God’s children.

The Children are not being Taught Right

We need to raise the children with male and female role models, respect, love, support, and discipline.  Unfortunately, two generations do not even know how.

My proposed solution is for us to create adopted families, with elders helping with children and housework and teaching; young adults working outside the community, and doing the heavy lifting, and the kids helping with gardening, animal husbandry, chores, sports, and studying.

People are gregarious.  There are too many empty buildings, empty houses, lonely people, and under-educated, under loved children in the world.

A family (tribe-sized) household is the model that is best for interaction between the generations.  A small garden can sustain a large family. One large house, or even and empty building, or apartment complex can become a sustainable community thus.

It does not have to be a commune.  It does not need to be a cult or religion.  We just need to agree on the ten commandments, and share love and support, and keep the Sabbath, and eat and work and live and learn together.

Living alone and commuting in traffic to support an almost always empty dwelling is not living.

Living for possessions is not a healthy life.

Other than food, water and shelter, we only need each other, a common belief structure.  Love is written right into our DNA.

It will all happen naturally, and be very cost efficient, yielding a prosperous and healthy lifestyle, if only we realize the priorities, and change our thinking accordingly.

The twelve tribes of Israel, and Jesus Christ and his disciples, offer perfect examples to follow, examples that our own US constitution is based on.

If you are pursuing these ideas, and/or want to, I want to help.

How Localism can Save US | New Normal | New Culture

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