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Now that 2016 draws to a close, it is time to get specific about how we will repair our USA, drain the swamp in Washington, and also restore our American culture.

No part of our nation has suffered more under failed ideology and the deliberate, Satanic sabotage of the “New World Order” than our families.

Liberty, freedom, and wealth once prominent in our nation has been undermined by way of the destruction of the American family, and the division of the generations, the races, and our children from any semblance of respect and guidance.

In order to solve these modern problems, we need modern solutions, since returning to the 1950’s USA is just is not an option.

In order to move forward, we must focus on solutions, rather than problems, and we can.

With changes made possible by new and disruptive technology, the landscape, the options, the possibilities and the solutions have also changed.

The developers who built all those track-homes with chem-lawns, financed by a corrupt banking industry and a run-away government, never intended to live in them, and neither should we.  There are better alternatives now.

The Federal Government is going to be remodeled, and we need to abandon the past:

  • revitalize dormant assets
  • move property, education, and jobs out of the public sector
  • rebuild our private sector and our families
  • educate and enrich our children
  • rebuild our economy
  • reform our leadership.

The modern solutions to these challenges are easier to execute than you would imagine, and imagination is the key to positive change:

Stop drinking the “Cool-aid”

Regardless of which side you were once on, this is not a football game, it is not the past, and we all win or lose together.  We all win, or we all lose, as one human race.  The lies and corruption on both sides need to end, we all need to wake up, and we need to come together.

Materialism, sin, hedonism, greed, and pride are the real enemies. Love, honesty, accountability, enlightenment and integrity have always been, and will always be the answers.

The knowledge of the ages is now at our fingertips online.  We have the technology, and the will, for a true Meritocracy, a true Democracy, based on proven principles, for the first time ever in human history.

Responsible, Sustainable, Healthy Lifestyles are Doable

Modern technology makes it possible to live anywhere, communicate from anywhere, grow food anywhere, without wires, without commuting for hours in traffic, without pollution, and with less stress and less sickness.

  • Lights and technology can be powered by the sun
  • Waste can be recycled and composted and re-used
  • Dormant assets, empy buildings, closed military bases, and ghost-towns can become thriving, healthy, sustainable lifestyles.

But in order to accomplish these goals, we must first re-examine how and where we live, abandon outdated venues, and revitalize our world for better living.

Re-inventing the Family is Paramount

We can never return to the past.  Our children are our future. Our children need us to fix this world, so that they will have even more opportunities, even more love, even more guidance and education, and even more wealth than we have seen in our times. Human development is the key to fixing our society. Lets look first at our needs, then fill them:

Humans need:

  • Food
  • Shelter
  • Each other – other humans
  • Love
  • Freedom
  • Diversity – we have different talents, aptitudes
  • Education – our potential is unlimited when we are inspired

Our assetts:

  • Almost unlimited natural resources – shortage is outdated by technology – there is plenty of room
  • Buildings, land, even other planets – we have all we need to work with
  • Know how, wisdom, understanding, now available to all in a few clicks
  • Potential – we can achieve anything if we can decide to do so, believe that it will happen, and work together to execute a plan
  • Enlightenment – as science advances, it merges more and more with spirituality.  We are beginning to understand who we are, what we are here for, and what to do about it.

Modern Solutions to Ancient Problems:

  • Empty buildings, dormant assets can be revitalized as modern tribal families
  • Poeple too old to do physical labor can help with the children, cooking, gardening, marketing, teaching…
  • Orphaned children can be adopted into new sustainable tribes
  • Unemployed, forgotten workers can be offered a lifestyle as a member of the tribe
  • Each of us can do something, for the good of a more localized, tribal, modern adopted family
  • We are gregarious, we need each other, somebody to love, somebody to hang out with, somebody to interact with
  • We dont need so many vehicles, so much travel, so much shipping, if we grow, serve, produce, manufacture, and buy local
  • We can have one pool, one fitness room, one hot tub, one garden, one meeting hall, one playground, one home-school, a few vehicles, serving one tribal-sized adopted family
  • Sustainable communities are not only greener, they are economically efficient
  • If we need less, we can live more, have more time to love, to teach, and to enjoy our lives.  As a family, we can live well, and we can prosper, anywhere.

I have been been planning this for many years, and myself, and some of my many contacts, are going to start actually creating these adopted, tribal-sized families.  It is not about money, it is about Agape love.

As we identify dormant assets (empty buildings, empty land, ghost towns) we will be forming and revitalizing them thus, and offering various people, with various incomes and talents, opportunities to participate, and to join us, and to never worry again for food, shelter, love, inspiration, support, or anything else that we all need.

If you are interested in participating:

  • To never have to worry again
  • To live well
  • To become more healthy, less stressed
  • To give back
  • To help our dissengaged, lost, homeless, addicted children
  • To teach
  • To Love
  • To be a part of something wonderful
  • To farm
  • To create
  • To live a better life

Please contact me, Israeli Rothman 541-982-9291

All ages, talents, genders are needed.

“Let’s Roll!” Amen.

No hidden agenda, just love, and hope.


CH-8 | Sustainable Communities | New Local Tribes

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