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Federal Land Ownership is not Constituional The entrepreneurial revolution that is coming in 2017 and beyond is the opportunity of our lifetimes.

It starts with the understanding that there is a real revolution underway, and that the Federal Government was never supposed to own the land:

The land ownership and media power is being re-distributed now, not by an out of control, corrupt Government, as the liberal socialists and Globalist Oligarchs had intended, but by way of a second American and worldwide peaceful revolution; a grass root uprising of the the people of the world, embracing a Meritocracy that rewards merit above station, creativity above class, free enterprise above racial politics, and the citizenry above the privileged upper class.  This is a revolution of fairness and opportunity, a ‘Garden of Eden’ for those who are ambitious and willing to work, aided by technology.

The Homestead Act of 1862

“Signed into law by President Abraham Lincoln on May 20, 1862, the Homestead Act encouraged Western migration by providing settlers 160 acres of public land. In exchange, homesteaders paid a small filing fee and were required to complete five years of continuous residence before receiving ownership of the land.”

Napolitano: Washington lacks constitutional right to own land in Western States

Napolitano - Washington lacks constitutional right to own land in Western states

The opportunities of our future lie in a return to traditional USA constitutional principles which made this country great in the first place.  Technology now makes it possible for Government, economy, and media to become a true Meritocracy, the exact opposite of Orwellian nightmares.

A modern, holistic lifestyle choice is now possible without leftist, globalist, corrupt stupidity.

Advantages of Modern Technology

  • Modern solar allows electronics to function charged by the sun
  • Modern battery technology allows solar energy to be used during non-daylight hours
  • Modern satellite and microwave technology eliminates the need for wires, even towers for communication
  • Water can be pumped during daylight hours into water tanks that can provide water during nighttime hours
  • Modern organic and indoor gardening techniques can grow healthy, organic food anywhere, cost effectively
  • The land in the US is largely underpopulated, there is plenty of room
  • Urban and Rustbelt industrialized areas can be  be re-vitalized into thriving entrepreneurial communities and incubators
  • Micro-farming can take place anywhere, even in Urban areas
  • Nobody really ever wanted to live in tract homes with Chem-lawns and there are more modern and pleasant alternatives
  • People can live long and healthy lives, and be productive for 100 years and beyond
  • Lifestyles are not healthy, which causes the health crisis
  • By decentralizing water, waste, farming, and population aided by modern advances, we can solve all of our problems, IMO
  • Many of us need not work or live in over-populated, polluted cities, and we can have media and social access to each other without doing so
  • The knowledge of the ages is available online, from anywhere, making alternative and modern education reform not only possible, but inevitable
  • Local food, local modern energy, local modern education, local, modern lifestyles, local, modern media and news and local self-sustaining communities are all doable now.

10 Old Principles with New Potential in 2017

  1. Responsible Private Property Rights – private citizens can be responsible environmental Stuarts of under-utilized, underdeveloped land that is moved out of the public domain and made available for modern, sustainable development
  2. Foreign, expatriated money can be repatriated at 10% tax rates under #PresidentTrump and using EB5 law to re-develop American resources in an environmentally-friendly renaissance here and abroad
  3. People can live, work, produce, serve, and feed themselves from almost anywhere for the first time ever
  4. Large, inefficient, polluting farms and manufacturing can be replaced with locally owned, private, family style farms owned by sustainable communities, eliminating the need for mass shipping and travel
  5. Urban graveyards can be revitalized into thriving sustainable communities, yielding a better lifestyle for the children and the elders, and a better, more supportive society model
  6. Beautiful, unused natural resources in deserts, mountains and other areas can be responsibly developed without adverse environmental impact
  7. American culture, culture in general can be restored based on positive principles and humanity rather than oligarchical control of distribution and resources
  8. Government can be decentralized, local, and yet connected based on core principles that all Americans and most of the rest of the world will adhere to, because they work
  9. Science and spirituality can merge, ushering in a new age of enlightenment and unity under God.
  10. We The People can regain control over the over-reaching of the globalist megalomaniacs, and clean up our sickened society, regaining influence over our disenfranchised, brainwashed youth, with respect for our elders.

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CH-7 | 10 Ways to Become a Local Source | Entrepreneurs Guide | Local Homesteading

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