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Belief – the sum and total of all human power on Earth

Belief is the sum and total of all human power on Earth 541-982-9291

What you Believe you Become

When I was five, my father beat the hell out of my mother, and left, as I watched.  I never saw him again, he died overseas when I was seven.  So my mother moved five of us, 2 older sisters and two younger bothers and myself, to Livermore California to use her top secret clearance from Holloman Air Force Base in New Mexico (white sands) to become a draftsman for Lawrence Livermore Laboratories, to support 5 children as a single mom.

Since I had never been to school at six years old, I was enrolled in the first grade.  A little behind, they put me back into kindergarten.  There, for 60 days, I was put into the Sylvan learning program, and aloud to study at my own speed.  They wanted me to complete 1-2 learning modules per day.  I completed 6-7 modules per day, then, already reading and doing math at the third grade level, was accelerated and put into the second grade.  For the balance of my education, I was always in talented and gifted programs, and got very high marks.  We moved a great deal.

My mother died of cancer in Berkeley California when I was 11, leaving five orphans.  We were split up, lived in foster homes and group homes, and I became an emancipated minor at 17.

My life was hard, but I always knew what I was capable of, and that normal rules did not necessarily apply to me, making it possible for me to achieve many amazing things in my lifetime, in spite of my humble beginnings.

My father was an Entrepreneur, founded the first FM radio station in Cloud Croft NM in a converted chicken coop – Maxwell Rothman – an electrical engineer who worked with Kernel Stapp on the first “rocket chairs” at the White Sands ( not really, was nuclear bomb research).

My Mother, Sima Small Rothman, grew up in the Bronx, Jewish, spoke Yiddish, an artist.

When I think back on my life, I realize that much of my belief structure comes from this background.

Much of what we believe is taught

I have been a lifelong Entrepreneur, and have owned many business, made and lost and made back millions of dollars.

It all started with what I was taught to believe.  My mother always told me that because I was a Rothman, and because it was America, and because I was Jewish, that I was stronger, more brave, and smarter than others, and that God would always have my back.

Like all young people, I needed to verify these things for myself, and I challenged everything in my youth.  I studied and searched for answers, and ended up confirming everything that I had been taught.

There is in fact an interactive relationship between cause and effect: “In the beginning, there was the word, and the word was God, and the word was with God…”

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Belief – the sum and total of all human power on Earth

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