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4 Ways to Earn a Living from Home by Being Yourself in 2016

Female_entrepreneur_making living from homeLast years’ guide was about 1001 ways to make a living.

But this year, we do not have time to try things out and play around.   The timing has never been better to launch you new career of being yourself well.  The time is now to begin.

Myself, I have done every lousy job imaginable, from digging a ditch, to working with nasty chemicals, to working underground breathing diesel smoke.  I appreciate what I have been doing since I quit my job and printed up a homemade business card in 2001, and never looked back, over $10M in sales and 15 years ago.  I appreciate this so much, that I have dedicated my life to helping you do it too:

1. Simply blogging about what you love and care about

It is not that hard.  You need something to talk about; anything, from gardening to dating to a specific specialty, to fashion, to technology..whatever you like to talk about.  Whatever that is, do it, do it online, do it optimized well, do it daily or weekly.  Whatever it may be, somebody shares your interests.  If you follow a few simple instructions, you will build an audience.  Somebody, some business, some politician, some enthusiast or entrepreneur, will want you to pay to reach that audience.  If you do it with me helping and training you, your audience becomes part of ours, over 20,000,000 who we can prove we that we have influence with here, and you can also offer that to your advertisers, and mine.

2.  Take over as a new media agency; local news and networking for a town, or niche.  I have a network if independent content marketers, with 90% of the money going to those who do the work.

3.  Use affiliate links, and passive revenue models to monetize the blogging and social media marketing and profiles that you must do anyway to promote your primary business – get paid for marketing instead of paying for it.

4.  Fire your boss, hire yourself, as I did 15 years ago, and go into business for yourself.  The only question is, other than the blog and instant rankings (which you can buy here from me with training and support for $300), what is your excuse to stay in that bondage of a job you hate, now that you have an alternative?!

2016 Make a Living from Home doing what you love!

4 Ways to Earn a Living from Home by Being Yourself