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2017 | Transparency | MSM and NWO Corruption Exposed

Awakened Angles 541-982-9291It always starts with a manufactured crisis, or a natural one that can be exploited.  When people are stressed, afraid, and confused they can be manipulated easily.  Fear and doubt are powerful motivators for change, and for evil.

9-11, flue, Zika virus, war…all these are opportunities to be exploited thus.  Global warming is debunked, so they changed the name to “climate change”.

But make no mistake, and wake up to the fact that evil forces intend to use all these and more as excuses to take over resources, redistribute wealth, and destroy the USA as we know it.

Under attack from socialists and corruption within, societal decay and immorality, and under attack from the same enemies that we battled in WW2 and the cold war that followed; if not for God’s intervention and disruptive technology (social media and global, multilingual communication) and the emergence of a faith-driven purveyor of Agape Love as leader (Donald Trump); the USA had already been defeated.

It was over, compromised from within and without by corruption, and our very real enemies, we were well on our way to destruction, and that was no accident.

As has always been the case, “We the People” have always had the power to affect change, good and bad, rapidly.  All that is required is a faithful and charismatic leader who can unite us in a common goal.

And our faithful father, GOD, has been here all along, watching, intervening when necessary, guiding our steps, but still allowing us enough latitude to learn by making mistakes.

HE always knew that this day would come, just not the hour, because HE knows us, HE knows the world, and HE knows the inevitable conclusion of the forces that are already in motion.

The scriptures talk about sleeping, and awakening:

34 Bible verses about Sleep, Spiritual – Knowing Jesus

If this world was based on accidents and coincidences, we would have never gotten this far.  The truth is the truth, recognizable to all.  Even the evil people in this world who wish to dominate us all know that men and women of faith cannot be enslaved.

Even the evil know that a people who have a direct connection to and knowledge of God, and one mind thus, cannot be defeated or destroyed, and that a the very real and living God, Elohim, with his host of angels, will not let that happen.

Therefore, those very same dark forces, know that any gain they make must be empowered by deception of the masses, and they are very aggressive and shameless in that endeavor.

Enter technology: everyone, from the least to the most powerful, being able to communicate in any language, for free, for the first time in history.  To say that this is a learning opportunity would be a massive understatement.

The changes and opportunities made possible here are endless:

  • A technology enabled mind is a mind on steroids, capable of almost limitless contact management, reach, and influence
  • A technology enabled world can eliminate waste, toil, and pollution
  • A technology enabled country can become a true democracy, a true meritocracy, actually controlled and ruled by it’s people
  • A technology enabled family can live close to the land, well, eat better, and create less waste, living a happier, more peaceful and enlightened lifestyle
  • Technology can enable and empower us to hold our media, our government, and each other accountable for our actions, good and bad.
  • A technology enabled school can exist anywhere, with only one teacher, and an internet connection.
  • Technology can destroy the walls that enslave us, the ignorance that bankrupts us, and the self-imposed limits to our advancement.

The proverbial “New Jerusalem” is not far off, if we understand these these things; the sooner the better, in my opinion.

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2017 | Transparency | MSM and NWO Corruption Exposed

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