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2017 | 10 Predictions | Social Media Revolution

My Past Predictions are now historical facts:

President Donald Trump Elected

  • Social Media has Trumped Mainstream Media
  • Revolution has Manifest
  • Donald Trump elected POTUS
  • The People have awakened to Truth
  • God has saved the USA just in time

So I was correct, again.

So now what happens in 2017?

  1. The influence of corporate media on public opinion is completely destroyed
  2. The US Economy booms under President Donald Trump
  3. US faith and hope is restored
  4. Isis is completely and utterly destroyed
  5.  Haters and enemies of USA hate us even more
  6. Mass conversion continues of Muslims and atheists to Judao-Christain values
  7. Billions of dollars are re-repatriated from overseas
  8. Modern, green, sustainable communities replace outdated cities, towns, projects, even factories with adopted families – “tribes”
  9. A new Pro-american, pro-localism culture is born as a modern Meritocracy manifests abundance
  10. A world-wide revival occurs as science proves spirituality beyond a shadow of doubt

So what, exactly does this all mean in 2017?

It means that there has never, ever, in the history of the United States, been a better time to buy a business, invest in real estate, invest in the US, or immigrate to the US.

With strong borders, an new more tolerant culture for diverse groups including white males and alt-sexual types, trade policies that favor US companies and US goods, rebirth of the American dream in the USA, and much lower taxes on businesses, every single business segment will flourish, including new and independent media.

Are you thinking of starting, growing, or investing in a business in 2017?

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International Investment Banking (Private Placements)

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2017 | 10 Predictions | Revolution Resolutions

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