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Social Media Journalism | Ability to Influence Millions With Your Mind

Trumps Main Stream MediaYesterday “Social Media Journalism” was an oxymoron; today it won the 2016 election for Donald Trump.

That I was the first to come out and predict the landslide that just occurred 18 months ago is now a provable, historical fact.

How, you may ask, did I know? The answer is that I was one of the millions who made it happen, by Trumping the MSM Liars with the truth and real journalism online.

Social Media is the proverbial “Book of Life” and the “Thief in the Night” that stole our country, our identity, and our children back from the evil “New World Order”

A Social Media Guru like me understands the amazing power of the truth to win friends and influence people with this new media technology.

With the vision and the will to do so, I can reach millions of people with the truth in minutes; tens of millions in hours; and the whole world over a period of time, creating permanent organic search rankings on Google and the social networks at the same time.

It is not about how many followers you have on the various new media outlets, although that helps; it is about who follows you, and how many follow them, and how viral your original thoughts are, properly formatted.

Social Media removes the power of Main Stream Media to control the flow of information, your minds, the elections and the opinions of any but the backwards and stupid and insignificant brainwashed idiots that they created in the first place.

I predicted this trend in 2001.

Social Media is a meritocracy, and, in a world of free and open, Global communication, the playing field is leveled, and only the truth prevails, with the “cream” rising to the top.

The truth:

  1. Is the same for all of us, there is only one truth
  2. Is recognizable, viral, we all know it when we hear it
  3. Is omnipotent; amazingly powerful when spoken or shared

The “Brave New World” is not one where government controls us with this media, it is one where we the people can watch and control Government, Media, and Industry.

While this is no surprise to me, nor to the 20 or thirty million who follow me and whom I have been tutoring for 15 years; this is the change that made the 2016 Election of Donald Trump Possible.

This amazing power to change the world can be done on purpose. “All of these things that I do…

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