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2017 Cord-Cutting | Minimalist Movement | Need Less | Live Better

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Why “Minimalism” is the answer:

Imagine a world where people shop local, buy local, produce as much as the can locally; where we live closer to nature, and value each other more than money.  This is what family once was, and it is what our lifestyles in the future can become again.

In order to truly improve any society, any Government, we must improve the basic belief structure of the people themselves; the governed must be governable.

This change is more possible, always, and today, during times of unrest and discomfort.

The time is now, in 2017, to take a new look at who we are, what we believe, and what we are going to do about it.

I have been speaking and writing for 15 years about fundamental societal change made possible by New Media technology, and by a new awakening of the spirit.

Now it is time to get specific about what these changes need to be in order to heal our society, our Government, and our world; beginning with a new minimalism and change of focus amongst “We the People”:

  1. Some thoughts about Servitude:  Humans are born to resist tyranny, whether it comes from individuals, religions, Governments, or ideologies. At the same time, all progress, all civilization, is based on service to each other (Agape Love), God, and country.  When humans put their own needs above the greater good, evil results happen, and sociopaths are empowered.
  2. Our needs are easy: food, shelter, and love (each other). It is our WANTS that enslave us, addict us, corrupt us, and destroy us. The more we focus on what we need, instead of evil desires, the better our lives become.
  3. The less we desire, the stronger we are: every great society knows this.  If we desire only to live, eat, and love, and are cognoscente and focused on the fact that we need only these, we are less likely to be corrupted by vices, greed, envy, ambition and hate.  We live better, more focused, more productive, happier, and more fruitful lives when we value these truths.
  4. In these modern times, there are many distractions taking us away form our basic needs.  This is not healthy, it makes us sick, addicted, less focused, less conscious, and less enlightened.
  5. What we believe, we become.  In a world of mindless workers, junk science, corrupt media and government, and addiction, society crumbles, every time.  Racism, Sexism, and Avarice are universally destructive to the human condition, and our world.
  6. While we have been busy, too often, engaging in all these mistakes, disruptive technological change has made new solutions not only possible, but doable, and inevitable.

We need to ask ourselves what we really need, what is good for us.  We must learn to want what we need, not need what we want.  This is the basic difference between a mindless ungovernable rabble as apposed to a  thoughtful, good, and pure people.

In order to solve any problem(s) we must first identify the problems:

  1. Sickness: nobody who is sick wants to be sick.  Too often, though, that sickness is the result of a lifestyle.  The two biggest factors for better health are diet and exercise; and yet, lately, with few exceptions, we eat terrible food, drink the wrong water, and do not exercise regularly.  Industrialized food, mono-cropping, pesticides, Urban lifestyles, and pollution are all related, and they affect our health.
  2.  Mobility: travel is fun and educational.  It is also expensive, stressful, dangerous, and causes pollution.  To be able to travel is wonderful.  To do it constantly is not.  The destruction of the nuclear family, and the depravity of our youth, even pollution are all caused in part by traveling too much, commuting too much, and the costs and risks and stress associated with these practices.
  3. Technology: Technology is only a tool, like a hammer.  A hammer can be used to build with, or to kill with.  It is not the hammer itself that is bad, it is just a tool.  But powerful tools, like guns, are useful, and also dangerous.  We must learn to use new technologies, and new tools of all kinds, responsibly.  Modern technology can empower true meritocracy, and better, healthier lifestyles.  Technology can greatly improve education, reduce the need for travel, and make our lives better.  It can also seduce us, it can be used to control us, and it is dangerous in the wrong hands.  A healthy respect is in order, not for the technology itself, but for the integrity of the users, and dangers associated with it’s miss-use.  Technology is not an end, it is a means to an end.  Technology must never be aloud to enrich and empower the worst amongst us.
  4. Waste: “Waste not, want not.” It is a simple principle, and it is important, and that is why it has become a cliche.  We have the technology and the know how to do a better job.  We can eat better, healthier food, produce less waste and less pollution, and live healthier, happier lives if we can master the use of modern technology, and let go of the failed habits in our past.  We can garden, anywhere.  We can recycle, and we do a better job of it daily.  We can travel less, burning less fuel, causing less pollution, and freeing up more and more quality time, if we change our belief structures accordingly; and if we break old, outdated, destructive habits.  We can govern better, more fairly, and with less cost.  All these changes can be easily achieved if we can agree to make them, and some are underway as we speak.  It could happen much faster.
  5. Outdated attitudes: the idea that everyone wants to live above the Frey, in oversize, empty houses, with no chores, and lots of toys, is one of them.  Do you really love that chem-lawn, the chores associated with it, and that big empty house to maintain, with all the overhead that goes with it, enough to spend your life working most of the time to support that lifestyle, doing something that, too often, you hate, commuting in traffic, living for vacations?  One garden, one whirlpool, one pool, one large kitchen, one rec-room, one internet connection, one big-screen, one doctor, and two or three vehicles can support the healthy, happy lifestyles of a decent sized extended family, cost-effectively, and with a very high quality of life.

Summary: We need to change our thinking!

I am interested in pursuing change on micro and macro levels along these lines.  If you are too, please call me, lets collaborate, I have nothing better, and nothing more important to do.

Israeli Rothman

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2017 Cord-Cutting | Minimalist Movement | Need Less | Live Better

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