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2016 Trans-Media Publishing | The Brave New World to Come

We have been writing yearly Guides since 2008 about how to be a new media advertising agency  NICHE CONSULTANT for any location or niche market, and how such an agency can promote and feed it’s clients’ businesses without or in conjunction with other spending.

Hear are two real life examples if how very talented people are using their skills to promote themselves and clients by so doing:


I have personally watched Christie since 2010 – before she was the huge success that she is now:  you could have blown me over with a feather when she told me what she was going to do – then she did it!  Her success is amazing, and her cause – well now it is mine too!

Christie Hsiao, Founder and CEO of SERENITY MEDIA GROUP,
a global entertainment company devoted to creating high quality film, TV, and digital media projects that uplift and inspire. Serenity uses fun, engaging popular fiction and non-fiction projects to educate, provoke thoughtful inquiry, and spread positive messages. What sets Serenity apart is the resources and relationships Christie has cultivated within the China/US industry.Christie’s business sensibility and strong working relations in US and China entertainment industry which has given her the vision to create quality entertainment that is uplifting, international in scope, and catalyzes change. Christie believes in the unique power of a story to raise awareness and to compel societal transformation. She serves as creative director for all of Serenity’s projects, as well as overseeing all aspects of marketing strategy, business development and expansion.Christie Hsiao is a known forward thinking executive today with a vision to connect and uplift people of all ages and cultures around the world. As a liaison between US and China, Christie has established a myriad of working relationships with key players in Asia and US. She works with top executives and major companies in film, TV, music, art, publishing, merchandising, concerts/events, branding and marketing. With Christie’s network and resources, she is known to create win-win relationships and innovative solutions.The specific combination of Ms. Hsiao’s Western business sensibility and strong working relations in Asian entertainment industries combine to uniquely position Serenity Media Group as a bicultural conduit between Asia and US markets. Ms. Hsiao has produced independent films and worked with industry executives, including:

Christie is also an established author, having written her first book JOURNEY TO RAINBOW ISLAND, earning New York Times Bestsellers list after just 3 weeks of release. In addition to becoming a bestseller, JOURNEY TO RAINBOW ISLAND is also the first book in history to accompany a video game.

She earned her BA in Communications and East Asian Studies from UCLA and an MBA from Pepperdine University.

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Aurorah is amazing – one listen here will convince you that you need to hear more:

Tune in to learn how to avoid the common mistakes that most entrepreneurs make. Aurorah Dey discusses the most current personal and business protection strategies and techniques to keep entrepreneurs in business without having unnecessary financial distress:

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