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2016 How To Spend 1000 Dollars on Marketing without Paying for it – Ever

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Sometimes I feel like everybody is asleep.  This is so easy.  Here are the numbers to hit:

  • $10 in advertising should bring $100 in new or enhanced business
  • With Paypal, you have a money back guarantee anyway, so we decided to say so.
  • Bill Me Later provides up-to six months with no interest through Paypal
  • If the advertising works, you are spending money you do not, and would not have had.
  • Cash down is $0.00
  • If the advertising works, you have created income out of thin air.

The advantages of a low cost of entry to be in business today:

  • In these times, the cost of entry online is so low that you will not need to raise money
  • Independent business people (naughty little secret) who simply contract out their services, and get paid on 1099 basis are the most tax advantaged of any group, as well they should be – they literally create their own jobs.
  • The Internet is FAST, you get your money NOW whenever it comes in.
  • If you know something about something, your content is more valuable than your money – you can earn a living with us!

If you are the author, and you know what you are doing, the exposure is FREE, if you know how to architect the campaign.

Welcome to the flat playing field:

  1. What you got?
  2. Who likes it?
  3. How many like it?

The content AUTHOR is king, which is how it should be.

Order $400 or more in services with a money-back guarantee of results – pay the bill six months later with the profits from the advertising!

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2016 How To Spend 1000 Dollars on Marketing without Paying for it – Ever