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2016 | From New York Times Best Seller to International Film Producer | The Christie Hsiao Story

If you check this search, you will see that Google will always remember what I remember: that Christie Hsiao said that she was going to change the world with uplifting stories, books, movies  and games for children , and she is:

2016 New York Times Bestseller inspiring uplifting children book games School teacher Family event

It is a story of great ambition, unbridled creativity, fearless tenacity, and timing.  I cannot tell you that you are anything like Christie, because she is amazing; but she proves that there is a market for positive influences in this world, and that one such visionary can change it for the better – because Google Remembers:

Uplifting positive inspiring school students children book event New York Times Bestseller

Director Brett Ratner and Christie Hsiao talk about JOURNEY TO RAINBOW ISLAND & China film market: