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2016 | Bricks and Mortar Retail is Changing – A Slow Death of the Behemoth is Underway Driven by Cultural Changes

Bricks and Mortar Retail is Changing – Slow death of the Behemoth is Underway Driven by Cultural Changes

In fact, the great majority of all mattresses are made at a few large manufacturers to speck – specks that are global, finite, and can be defined down to the thread count level.  In other words, the mattresses are almost exactly the same, bought at very low prices, and market up 70-80%.

If you are a professional in the industry, you pay attention to the specs only, and would never pay a retail price.  Herein lies the “rub”:  this information is now available to the world online, so where does this leave the bricks and mortar retailer?

In my vision of the future, it leaves them back on top!

I am here to tell you that the behemoth business model is outdated, inefficient, expensive, and not longer necessary.  The layer after layer of middlemen, financiers, lawyers, accountants, bureaucrats and gatekeepers are not longer needed due to advances in technology, shipping, ordering, advertising, communication and media.

The actual truth is that the manufacturers provide very low cost goods with very high quality.  The other layers are no longer needed.  Just the manufacturers, and your LOCAL retailer, nobody else.  JUST THE ONES WHO DO THE WORK.

All the millions spent on advertising, borrowing, financing, over-pay mandated by over-government, these are why the jobs are gone, and they are not coming back under this structure.  I see a future that is simpler, more efficient, more pleasant, with independent and local business aided by the information age and cultural enlightenment, with the absence of the megalomania associated with and fueled by big money, big business, big labor, oligarchy, and elitism.

With all the information in the world, all the education in the world, and all the commerce in the world being more and more available to everyone in the world,  on a flat playing field, the only change needed is for us to become disgusted enough with this over-hyped, overblown, inflated, over financed, micromanaged, over-branded, out of control mess so that we all just refuse to play anymore, for it is our mess, and we made it.

  • The education system is ridiculous, no longer needed, can all be accomplished independently online
  • Free flow of markets without the gatekeepers will feed us all nicely
  • We can all do business with each other independently

We all need food (healthy basic food – nothing fancy), shelter (healthy, efficient, green living, not empty mansions financed by imaginary money), entertainment (healthy, wholesome, intellectual entertainment – not the flashy, fleshy media that children are drawn to) and God (because without belief, there is no power, no enlightenment, no conscience, and no civilization).

We do not need middlemen, sooth-Sayers, junk science, oligarchs, elitists, Monday-morning quarterbacks, masters of the bluff, or masters of the proposition.   Just good, honest, hard working, happy and productive humans, brothers and sisters, joined at the hip by our need for each other, and our healthy respect for each other.  Amen.  My clients change the world:

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2016 | Bricks and Mortar Retail is Changing – A Slow Death of the Behemoth is Underway Driven by Cultural Changes