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2016 | Being the Dominant Force in a Competitive Market like Real Estate

In 2016 it is not good enough just to have a template website, no-matter how beautiful it is.

If you must compete in as competitive a local search market as Denver Colorado MLS Listings Google Search, these searches are all but dead, populated by behemoth lead generators like and and, and the larger franchiser sites themselves; and also populated by your peers, competitive agents and brokers A-Z.

Traditional Real Estate Marketing and Advertising is a high stakes game involving larger and larger advertising budgets split between an assortment of these lead generators, with questionable and constantly changing value statements, and niche marketing and detective work to find leads.

Understandably, the consumers of real estate services, the homeowners themselves, want to deal with largest brokers, and not be filtered through lead generators, who cause them to be contacted by 7 salespeople at the same time, with competing and confusing offers during an already stressful ordeal, although that is exactly what they find when they run broad searches, even neighborhood searches, and do their research within an area.

Now things have changed: enter new media, local search, content marketing, PPC (paying more than anybody else per click until your money runs out), PPL (Pay per lead to these same lead generators), PPA (pay per action to lead generators), pay per column-inch Print advertising (newspaper, local print, yellow pages, visitors guides) and the cost of entry becomes formidable.

So how do you reach more and more prospects, generate more and more traceable leads and hits and phone calls, and eventually reach everyone in town on a smaller budget?

One way to compete is to sponsor the largest social network and Facebook group in your town or niche, and build your own, local, niche, and/or topic specific audience using New Media – in other words, become the media.

Most of the Internet is populated with duplicate, regurgitated, repetitive spam, which nobody is looking for.  But little of this is seen by anybody, because Google and the others have found ways to use software, and user feedback from social media, to filter the cream to the top, and rank only the source of original and relevant, up to date information.

Enter “Content Marketing” and “Social Media Advertising” – user-generated, user filtered media, which has become our largest source of news and networking, in order to avoid the very spam described above.  You see, behemoths don’t do anything original, everything they do is templates, duplicate content, funnels, and noise that the modern consumer can find ways to avoid.  What I like to call “gatekeeper media”, is where distribution is used to compel a charge for admission.  New media, instead, is free media, arranged by merit.  Creating this merit, and rising to the top as the cream mentioned herein, is cumulative, and effective, if you have the right strategy; and it does not require a huge budget.  What it requires is expertise, originality, the right strategy, link authority or a budget of  as little as $300 per year to $299.00 per month to achieve cumulative market dominance over a period of time; steadily increasing relevant leads, generated organically; from ethical and positive activities.

You would be amazed to know how easy it really is to do this, because people are lazy, and short sighted, not original, and not giving.  You can stand out from them, rise to the top, and shine.  Like my client for a while here; Tom Reed of Legacy Real Estate in Denver.

Tom has survived, and even thrived, is this competitive market over the years, because of merit.  By combining judicial spending on traditional channels, with leverage, reach growth, and contact and reputation management aided by modern New Media Content Marketing in Denver CO, Tom Reed has operated his Legacy Real Estate Brokers independent Brokerage for many years that I know of – and survived the big short to emerge into this Hot Colorado Real Estate Market of 2016.  Tom does a lot of marketing, on and offline, and all of it is enhanced by such modern strategy.

Another way is to become the agency yourself:


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Targeted Advertising – Area or Niche

Are you finding that traditional SEO techniques are futile in competitive industries like travel, hospitality, Real Estate, Law, Medical… because of the competition from lead generators and online malls who charge per click, or per lead??  Over 50% of search now is from a mobile device – they are looking for a clickable telephone number.  Having that number that they find be yours is not that hard.

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