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2016 Amazing Power of a Well-Optimized WordPress Blog

WordPress is the worlds largest open-source blogging platform: and the most versatile, more user-friendly solution:  a blog like this one can be literally setup and functional in as little as five minutes…
However, like anything on the Internet, if it is not optimized properly, it is a waste of five minutes.

If it is done well, it is perpetual traffic for free, targeted traffic looking for exactly what is to be found.

The content needs to be compelling, but even if it is, if it is not attractive to the eye, and is not optimized properly to be found and seen, it will not feed it’s owner.

This is why a free blog, no-matter how easy and simple it is, is usually a complete waste of time.  The average learning curve for a novice to do these things well takes years, and most will never get there, before the proverbial “cheese” moves again.

Real advertising, and that is what this is, is a moving target.  The target constantly changes, and so does the weapon, the arrows or bullets, the technology, and the marketplace.  Free advice, more often than not, or a free website at or an inexpensive dumbed-down one at, or the like; is worth exactly what you pay for it; or worse, it leads you into a dead end of complexity and dysfunction.

On the other hand, one good blog post distributed properly, can generate 100 or more unique visitors per day immediately, translating into one or two sales per day with the right call to action.

To further complicate this issue, servers are identified and categorized by the authority (originality) and authorship of the content generated from that server, so that poor hosting, with novice, poorly optimized, Spam sites, and too many of them on one machine, slow loading, are all factors that shoot the would-be novice entrepreneur in the foot before even getting started.

Without the training, professionally maintained code base on dedicated hosting, and support that we provide, you cannot compete, not with me, not with my bloggers, and not with the behemoth lead generators who control many broad three and four word search terms (SRPs)  pages deep on organic and mobile.

Anybody can do this.  It is $300.00 per year for training, support, co-operative advertising, and an instant income for those who can follow instructions:

To promote your primary business, to have a side business, to supplement retirement income, or to make a living from home starting tomorrow, you cannot beat my system.

We can change the world with belief and New Media!

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