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101 | Understanding-Driven Marketing Defined

541-982-9291 Understanding-Driven Marketing DefinedWhatever market you choose, if you do not understand it, why did you choose it?

The market that you choose to go after, defines you, not the market; the market, if there is one, is just the market.

The reason to choose a market, is because you already know and understand that market, and know how to profit from it.

Understanding-Driven Marketing is simply selling to a market that you understand.  You may understand it because you have shopped it, bought from it, worked in it, or inherited it.  But whatever the base of such knowledge, the more you understand it:

  • The potential and/or existing customers
  • The costs involved with delivering the product to market
  • The value statement for the product itself
  • The step-by step actions that need to happen to acquire the market

..the more you understand these factors, the more successful will be your effort, your business, your cause, your passion, your movement or whatever the case may be, based on why you chose the market to begin with.

In 2016, we have many automated ways in which to fill in these blanks in your knowledge base, and adjust accordingly.  We also have many automated ways to actually execute the business plan once it is defined, in many cases, completely without bricks and mortar, paper, or even paid advertising, using social media.

This is why I call it “Understanding-driven Marketing“, because many business and/or causes these days require little else than these understandings to launch.

For instance:

You would assume that being in the gun business would require a location, inventory, personnel, advertising, licences, expertise, certifications, and capital necessary to fund all these things.  If you were successful in assembling all these things, you would still need to be an expert on the market, but let us attack this a different way, with the

“Understanding-Driven Marketing” approach…

Lets suppose that:

  1.  Your reason for going into business is simply to make money from home, without doing any of these things
  2. You understand that the gun market is a good and hot market at the moment
  3. You understand that bricks and mortar gun brokers already exist, and that they pay for advertising to get business to their stores
  4. You understand that with social media, you can reach any audience, almost for free with real content.

Well then, enter, all they have is a website, and they sell more guns than anybody.  And if they were my client, I would be promoting them, right now, and doubling their business right now by writing this article and circulation it to the 22M people who read my stuff, about how to do social media marketing.

You see, my business is working from home teaching about what I do and how I do it, essentially just being myself, for money.  What I am doing here, is Understanding-Driven Marketing defined, I just invented the term, so that by the time that you read this, this article will already rank on Google page one for this term.  You are my target market, I understand you, and I just reached you!

At the risk of sounding immodest, I cannot snap my fingers and make you as knowledgeable about these things as I, as articulate, nor can I make you the one who invented the term, and who will always own it, as I own many others, like “internet advertising consultant”, and ‘influence marketing guru”; and even if I could, Google remembers, and you would not have my huge audience who reads what I write, nor the link-authority to make instant rankings, as I do.

But I do, I can, and I can do it for you, and teach you a few things in the process, and help you to make money doing whatever you choose to do, with Understanding-Driven Marketing.

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101 | Understanding-Driven Marketing Defined