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101 | Social Media vs Mainstream Media | The Difference

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Journalists in Main Stream Media tend to remind me of self-proclaimed coaches, consultants, and self-help salespeople.

Most of them need a coach themselves, need consultation to do anything, and cannot really help themselves, much less anyone else, with few exceptions.

There are exceptions, but most of these people are not intelligent, and not enlightened, and the classes that they take are meant to give them a credential in a effort to make up for it.

Mark Twain did not need to go to school to become a writer, he had something to say.  While schooling can help for the mediocre, in today’s world, with the knowledge of the ages at our fingertips, it is a complete waste of time for the best and the brightest, in my opinion.

Unfortunately, our learning institutions, and main stream Journalism, are almost impossible to break into without schooling (indoctrination); and, once in, professionals are rewarded for mediocrity, obedience,  and bureaucratic skills, rather than excellence.  They are outdated, institutionalized, and controlled by money, politics, and Oligarchs.

Social Media, on the other hand, is a meritocracy, and a wide open free-for-all.  Your altitude is determined by your aptitude, nothing else, online.  The common man now has a voice, and a chance.

The fundamental difference is that MSM rewards the best liar, the trickiest spin, the most sold out whore, rarely the best and the brightest.  The people with a large following on MSM, are often the most corrupt, the most extreme, and/or the most sold-out corporate swimmers.

A young person may pursue such a career for all the right reasons initially;  they may even be talented and gifted.  However, as they are asked to compromise their own ideals, beliefs, and feelings more and more to make a living, in an industry controlled by greed, top-down control, and special interests, that spark of honesty and decency often fizzles, in favor of survival.

Enter: Social Media

Social Influence Growth


While sweet lies, sex, and sensational headlines do work to some extent here too, they do not last long term, often do not earn a living or any real reward, are always challenged, and tend to die in obscurity amongst the sheer size of the web.  So why, you may ask, do people do it?

This is the real difference; and it is exactly why most people, more and more all the time, trust social media for some or all of their news, and trust main stream media less and less.  Lies are debunked immediately in real time, making it impossible for the dinosaurs to control the narrative, the conversation, or even their own credibility.  Their once mighty power is slipping away, and influence marketing gurus are gaining that power, for merit.

The best of the best rises to the top, because that happens from user generated, user filtered content: we are able to follow whom we trust, and tune out the rest, calling out lies and corruption when we see it. We are the all-seeing eyes of the people, constantly watching government, industry, and media; with the proverbial “cream” rising to the top, and the garbage instantly tuned out, lost in oblivion.  Social Media is a true meritocracy, with a completely level playing field.

In the 2016 Election, HRC outspent DJT 50 times over, and completely controlled MSM in a very corrupt way; Donald Trump controlled social media, and got elected.

Truth of social media Trumps lies of MSM

Now the big news: more and more, the money, the eyes, the ears are moving; more and more of us get all of our content, MSM and otherwise, from the web, so MSM outlets are compelled to make almost everything available this way, and the money and influence that once made them so powerful is shifting, so that they will be compelled to do a better job.  If the major networks did not stream on Facebook and YouTube, they would lose the shrinking audience that they still have.

I made this video years ago when I was struggling and lived in Texas: it ranks for “change the world and have fun

Then, myself, and millions of others like me, decided to do something about what was bothering us, and began a dialogue about the corruption in Government and Media:

And then, as you watched, WE THE PEOPLE elected DJT President.

Now do you believe? Blessed are those who had not seen, and still they believed!

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101 | Social Media vs Mainstream Media | The Difference

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