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It is called link authority.  It gives you the power to put almost any message, with your telephone number, on top of almost any search.  You cannot fake this, it must be real; but you can earn it, as I have, by publishing real content, optimized the right way, and spreading it around.  This “real content” is what the Internet is made of.  This is what “New Media” is made of, because Google remembers:

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I, for instance, traveled 100 cities and built 100 blogs and social networks, over 100 Facebook groups and Google+ communities in 100 cities over 8 years, and recently shut the blogs down (, as you can see.  But because I earned this power, in the right way, I was able to transfer it to my brand new site: almost overnight, easily.

I cannot teach you what I have learned over a period of thirty years of doing this so quickly, but I can help you, and it is not expensive.

I am semi-retired.  However, if I like your project, I can use my power to help you, and/or your client(s), and it is very inexpensive, because it is very easy for me.

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