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101 | BBA in Marketing | Begin | Believe | Achieve

Everyone is going into debt to get an outdated education. Why? Everything that you need to know is available, right here. The information that you will receive in College, for the most part, when it comes to marketing, was outdated before your lackluster, mediocre professor received his credential, before he taught his first class. I am here to tell you that the cheese has moved.

Why should you believe me? I am the number one “Internet Advertising Consultant” in the world according to Google; the top “influence marketing guru”; the number one organic result on search for “local news advertising agency” is my video, with me, from home, in a checkered shirt.

Everything you need to know is available online, for free.  The only BBA, MBA, or anything else that you need is this one:

Begin, Believe, Achieve

This is the last guide I will publish about how to do this:

New Media Marketing Guide

From now on, they pay.

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101 | BBA in Marketing | Begin | Believe | Achieve