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10 Resolutions for 2016 | Agenda to Clean the Machine in 2016

Clean the Machine in 2016 541-982-9291Clean The Machine in 2016!  It is that time again; a time for setting new years’ resolutions and goals:

So I decided to share a few of mine, and a vision that  I have:.

Imagine a ship…

It leaves port with everything needed.  It is a fine and modern ship; beautifully appointed with all of the amenities, a well qualified crew, and a well known and dependable Captain at the helm.   The captain is a man of character and wide reputation, and stiff discipline.  Passengers and crew are comfortable with the course that has been set, and their leader.  Everyone is envious to be there.

But once the journey is well underway, a secret flaw is revealed.  The captain, with his many years of experience, and many battles that he has won, has developed fetishes and addictions.  His alcoholism  and unknown venereal diseases have finally caught up to him, and he falls dead with a heart attack.  The crew is full of men who think that they can replace him.  They form a new alliance and change all the policies and procedures he had enforced so strictly; and within a matter of days, the ship is badly off-course, unknown to the crew.  It strikes a rock, and sinks, killing all the passengers and crew.  Without those procedures, and without the experienced leadership of the captain, the journey is doomed.

You can read whatever you choose to believe into this analogy.

Now here are my 2016 New Years’ Resolutions:

1.  I will become a clean machine in 2016

2.  Never more than one or two drinks, and only with food

3.  No cigarettes

4.  Nothing that can impair performance, or reduce my ability to manage stress

5.  I will eliminate and mitigate contact with soul-sucking parasites who challenge what I am going to achieve.

6.  I will stop defeating myself

7.  I will continue to improve my amazing health, for without that, I have nothing.

8.  I will further remove myself from a broken and failing oligarchical government and banking system which enslaves and destroys

9.  I will help my brothers and sisters with these same issues with all my heart and all my might – I believe – all of you.

10.  I will rediscover my autonomy, answer ONLY to God, and free myself.


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What markets will you reach in 2016?


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